About Us

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Why Choose UsĀ Instant Small Loans

Beacuse at Instant Small Loans we are dedicated to researching a sourcing the best small loans and the best available interest rate so you can rest assured you have a really great rate instant small loan from loan providers Australia wide

At Instant Small Loans We Believe In What We Do

Every situation is different and we always believe in what we do for our loan customers. That’s why Instant Small Loans lets you customise your loan to suit your needs. Once approved, choose your amount, adjust your repayments to fit just right, then confirm your loan Applying with Instant Small Loans is super simple. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, if you’re atĀ  home or on the go. There’s no painful face-to-face meetings, just a straight forward application

Some Facts About Instant Small Loans

Instant Small Loans is a simple, stress-free way to borrow money. Get an online decision and once approved, have your money paid within 60mins of confirming your loan so we always deliver money faster. We can help people with previously bad credit. How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit.
Having no credit or poor credit is a major stumbling block to getting a loan because you’re viewed as a high risk customer who might default and leave the lender holding a bag of worms. It’s just a fact that until you raise or restor your credit score, you won’t fit the standard lending guidelines that traditional, big banks have to follow. We are not tradiotional lender so we can help.